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Non-Surgical Facelifts

Mayya Pro Skin

A non-surgical facelift is a combination of minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedures, designed to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance. Compared with a surgical facelift, these techniques do not require large incisions, general anesthesia or overnight hospitalization.


Our non-surgical facemasks are so popular because they get the job done while also being non-invasive to the skin. Get a natural lift without the extremes of surgery. 

The Amazing Benefits of Non-Surgical Facelifts

1. Our non-invasive, non-surgical facelifts are not painful.

2. They are time saving compared to invasive surgeries.

3. Recovery time not needed. 

  • What conditions can be treated with Mayya Pro Skin's Facials?
    In Mayya Pro Skin studio we offer rejuvenating, skin-brightening treatments and help clients manage conditions like acne, including adolescent acne, rosacea, and dry skin.
  • What does skin look like after Mayya's Facials?
    Usually, a facial includes manual extractions and deep pore cleansing. After an esthetician removes blackheads and closed comedowns, the skin can be pink for 24-48 hours or so after the facial. But once those heal up, the pores should be much clearer to prevent future breakouts. Regardless of which aspects are included in your facial, the result is typically the same: clear, bright skin that looks glowing and the added mental clarity that comes from relaxing treatment.
  • What are the known risks of Mayya's Facials?
    The most common side effects of the facial are redness and blotchy skin due to the pressure of exfoliation and extraction. Avoid wearing makeup during the day or two and using any aggressive products for the next seven days to give your skin time to heal.
  • What should I expect during Mayya Pro Skin's Facials?
    Generally, a professional facial treatment involves a few standard skin care steps. Those steps are as follows: cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, mask, massage, and facial moisturizer. Depending on your skincare concerns, additional treatments such as peel, LED phototherapy and other beneficial skincare products or apparatus can be included in a general facial.
  • How much does Mayya's Facials cost?
    Mayya Pro Skin offers a wide variety of facials, take a look at prices and options here.

What My Clients Are Saying

"I am very happy that I’ve met Mayya and trusted her with my personal beauty needs. I went to her for a sugaring hair removal session on my legs. Before, I’ve used a hair epilator for many years and I started seeing a bunch of ingrown hairs on my legs. It’s been a little over two weeks since my visit to Mayya’s salon and my skin is doing much better! The hair hasn’t grown yet, no ingrown hair yet, also my skin is smoother and my wounds from before started healing, finally!!"


What I Have To Offer

we can help!

Years of Experience

Mayya has over 1000 hours of education, which is greater than required in any other states. Trust Mayya Pro Skin to deliver results from my many years of experience. 

We Can Handle It All

Mayya has worked with skin conditions such as cystic acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, and our clients have very good results after a series of treatments.

We Don't Take Shortcuts

Mayya works with luxury cosmetics of high quality, which are safe and effective even for pregnant women and especially for clients with sensitive skin.

Ready to Get Started?

It's simple! To get started, all you need to do is book an appointment. Click below to get started!

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