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Mayya Pro Skin

Licensed Esthetician 


At Mayya Pro Skin, my studio offers Relaxing Spa Facials, Oxygen Treatment, Ultrasound Facials, Hydro Dermabrasion Oxygen Infusion, many Specific Result-Oriented Peels, Corrective Facial Massage, Acne treatment and some more beneficial treatments to improve your skin condition! 

Are You Tired Of Skin Care Regimens That Don't Work?

More About Mayya

Licensed Esthetician 


Mayya Shnayder is licensed esthetician and the owner of Mayya Pro Skin Studio. Mayya has always been passionate about skincare and products. Before she even became a skincare specialist she was trying to find the right way to take care of her skin, she spent lots of time and money to find the products that will make changes for her skin, but everything was unsuccessful. Mayya’s main goal was to have a radiant skin with even tone and stop to cover the face with tons of foundation. Then she decided to visit an esthetician and after just after the first visit she was surprised how clean and beautiful her skin might be! From that day on, Mayya realized that she wanted to devote herself to the skincare industry!

Mayya’ philosophy is “Facial is not a luxury procedure, it is a necessary step! It is as natural as taking care of your health in general. And as a benefit, you will enjoy your reflexion in the mirror and will get self-confidence!” Mayya’s goal is to help and educate her clients on home skincare routine, ingredients of products and how to determine a skin type and how to improve a skin condition. “The best reward for me is to see my beautiful clients' happiness with the results after the work done on their skin! That's what I work for. I'll be happy to make you happy!” 

What I Have To Offer

we can help!

Years of Experience

Mayya, licensed esthetician, has over 1000 hours of education, which is greater than required in any other states. Trust Mayya Pro Skin to deliver results from my many years of experience. 

We Can Handle It All

Mayya has worked with skin conditions such as cystic acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, and our clients have very good results after a series of treatments.

We Don't Take Shortcuts

Mayya works with luxury cosmetics of high quality, which are safe and effective even for pregnant women and especially for clients with sensitive skin.

Ready to Get Started?

It's simple! To get started, all you need to do is book an appointment with Mayya, licensed esthetician. Click below to get started!ir;

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